Hundreds of people have enjoyed the outdoor experience of taking a "bog walk" tour with MooseWood Nature Center. Because not every participant gets to see every frog, mammal, bird, flower and season in the bog, MooseWood invites you to take this "virtual bog walk" -- a stroll through an imaginary bog where all the flowers are in bloom and we always have a great view of every bird and animal.

<-- A class from a local school enjoys a bog visit (click thumbnail image to view photograph.)

If you've taken an actual bog tour, you'll enjoy these close up views and beautiful scenes as reminders of your real bog experience. If you've never taken a bog walk -- get ready to enjoy a fascinating new habitat through the beautiful photographs of Scot Stewart.

<-- Pitcher plants and sphagnum moss are typical bog plants (click thumbnail image to view photograph.)

Although our virtual bog tour takes place in an imaginary bog, MooseWood Nature Center is actually located adjacent to the Presque Isle Park Bog Walk -- an accessible urban bog located on a peninsula surrounded by Lake Superior in the city of Marquette, Michigan.

<-- Aerial view of Presque Isle Park Bog Walk showing trails and boardwalks (click thumbnail image to view photograph.)

References used in this project include:
The "Virtual Bog Walk" is made possible by a Lake Superior Coastal Wetland Conservation Education Grant from the Michigan Coastal Management Program, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce.
Photographs ©Scot Stewart and ©MooseWood Nature Center
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